Synapse Consulting's mission is to support medical laboratories, medico-technical services and patient care structures, in their deployment and in the optimization of their quality management system.

To share its experience, its skills with the main leaders in order to constitute a high-performance team in the quality process.

Develop intelligent, innovative and efficient quality management with the most modern tools, techniques and approaches.


Our vision is to offer an efficient quality management that is not set up solely to meet an obligation but to be used as a management tool in its own right.

We see it integrated within the hospital and different stakeholders, built on a network of leaders in a participatory environment

It must constantly evolve through new technologies but also through benchmarking and knowledge sharing to always achieve excellence


  • Efficiency: Quality management must be a management tool that aims at improving by taking into account the various constraints
  • Sharing: Intelligence and performance are always born by sharing knowledge.
  • Integration: the quality management system is integrated in an environment, with other standards and with the various stakeholders
  • Leadership: Nothing can be built without committed leadership
  • Evolution: A quality system must be flexible, able to evolve like the modern world in which it is located

Intelligent quality management for intelligent people